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Quantum Enhancement Meditation Series Trial

First 2 Quantum Enhancement Meditation FOR FREE!!!!

The QUANTUM ENHANCEMENT MEDITATION SERIES provides you with a different 5 minute meditation for every day of the week.


Product Description

One Quantum Enhancement Meditation FOR FREE!!!!

The QUANTUM ENHANCEMENT MEDITATION SERIES provides you with a different 5 minute meditation for every day of the week. The focus of these meditations were inspired by the  “7 areas of constant growth for an extraordinary life” as defined by Tony Robbins in his Pyramid of Mastery.

You just RELAX and ENJOY your meditation. The special subliminal energies on the recording focus on a new area of growth.  As you listen each day your life is enhanced on the quantum level.

Subliminally Linquistic Programming that is scientifically designed to enhance your results specific to the focus of each meditation. That’s right, if today’s meditation is on growing abundance in your life, the subliminal track is designed to enhance your ability to bring the abundance of dollars and resources in to your life in less than 5 minutes a day.

Recorded in a studio inside a double crystal grid system where each crystal in the system is programmed with the secrets to success in each meditation. Further embedded with a schumann wave connection and orgone field to enhance your meditative results at the quantum level.

Monday’s Focus: Physical Body

Tuesday’s Focus: Emotions

Wednesday’s Focus: Relationships

Thursday’s Focus: Time

Friday’s Focus: Your life mission

Saturday’s Focus: Finances

Sunday’s Focus: Spirituality


You get all 7 in this amazing series!  Sit back, relax, listen and watch your best life unfold right before your eyes!


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