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Here’s a little known secret trick to boost your relationships

Often stress and strife issues require an adjustment that isn’t obvious. It isn’t always easy to sort out the exact changes that your peeps need in order to be fully happy & healthy. However, this little secret trick can help clear the way for you to have an easier time in your relationships, help to foster peace, ease & calm.

It all starts with you and you can help set up good resonance with little physical changes.

Good water is essential for well-being!

I know this sounds like a no-brainer. You are probably thinking, “Of course everybody needs good water! This is hardly a secret.”

Well, the secret is… what constitutes “ good water”.  I want to talk to you about that from a “vibrational” stand-point.  The world is made up of energy and matter. Well, actually the known Universe is made up of energy (wave or vibration) and slower moving energy that looks like solid matter to us. This is important because how stuff vibrates makes a difference in how it interacts with us. Water looks like plain-old water. So most people spend their time figuring out what’s in the water… Is spring water good, is purified better, etc. What I am proposing is that you do your best to get the purest water available to you and then you be very careful how you treat it.

This is a two part instruction.  First, I want you to be very careful Not to Microwave the water.  Here’s a picture of what happens to plants when you water them with the same water, one microwaved, the other NOT.


Pretty impressive, right?  If microwave water can inhibit the growth of this plant so much, imagine how it effects people’s cells, heart, and even brain!  I realize that it may be difficult to see to connection between your improved relationships and this little secret, but these subtle vibrational changes can and will make a world of difference in how your whole office and/or household reacts in every situation.

So, bring a little electric kettle to work or a hot plate, or even a drip coffee maker (a separate one for the tea drinkers please) to heat if you need it warm and stay Happy, Healthy, Relaxed & Having Fun!

Now here’s where we really goose up the results

Second, treat the water with words. That’s right, water that is exposed to words for a few hours actually changes. It rearranges itself into new shapes on the microscopic level, depending on the word.  Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water exposed to different words and found that each word and environment created a different shape crystal of the water.  Here is a picture of the beautiful crystal that is made from water that has been exposed to the words Love and Gratitude.


And this water was exposed to the words: You make me sick. I will kill you.


You can see that how we treat one another, and the water is very important!

Whether your water comes in a bottle or out of the tap, find a way to expose the water to beautiful words. You can tape a piece of paper with the words on it right to the pitcher or bottle.  It won’t be long before you notice how the general atmosphere, and language in your environment changes.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Until Soon,


Donnalynn Riley, LSHC

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach

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September 25, 2016

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