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DOnnalynn Riley, Licensed Spiritual Health is an educational website. The singular purpose of this website is to educate people about consciously choosing a style of living. The topics included in this educational offering may span many subjects, always with the focus being on making conscious and deliberate choices. is the brain child of the Spiritual Explorer and Holistic Entrepreneur, Donnalynn Riley.

Hi, I’m Donnalynn Riley, L.S.H.C. I am an entrepreneur at heart. My interests have always been guided to all things holistic, imaginative and cutting edge. I am a spiritual explorer who has been CEO to a retail furniture store chain and lead other businesses and individuals through transition, major and minor (are there really any minor transitions in life?) since 1996. The choices throughout my life have been guided by my feelings, which creates an organic experience, bumps and all.

I am delighted to teach others by word and example. My specialty is in a magical combination of real life experience (20 years in the business world), education and a deep connection to the universal knowledge of the nature of people, relationships and the flow of energy.

I started out on this amazing journey as a young Sound designer with such a strong desire to work on the Broadway stage that the dream came true for me while I was still a freshman in college. The impossible dream came easily for me. It wasn’t until years later that I understood how one accesses talent and synergy in a repeatable way. Yet, there I was, 2 years from the time the dream of Broadway theater was born in me standing in the dream, and I knew without double, all things were and are possible.

Understanding the flow of energy is the underlying thread in all the my endeavors thereafter. Energy in the form of relationships, business transactions, personal and family relationships, building great teams for fun and innovative projects, intimate and public messages… Energy in all forms. So much fun to play with, to interact in an effective way.

I am aware that not everyone feels this way in life. I spent many years exploring anger and frustration without an inkling that I had a choice in the matter. Then I educated myself, through study and experimentation. Now, I find great joy in shining the light on an easier pathway for all who reach for it.

Over the past 25 years I have developed a system to create lasting change in any relationship. I tested this system in my family relationships: with my husband, mother, siblings, etc. until I realized that it worked every time. I practiced this system in my position as CEO of a furniture chain. It worked effortlessly. The company changed to meet every goal I had ever set. Employees who were “phoning it in” at best, shifted energetically and the landscape of their team changed. I even taught this system to my staff and watched their personal lives change dramatically.

Ease and flow can be a reality even in our world today. It may be hard to image from where you stand, but I have walked the pathway from the low grade depression of being “realistic” to this pleasant, easy, fun way of doing business with great teams of people who look the the same from the outside as the irritating, uncooperative employees and employers you now experience. But there is one big difference, Deliberate Enhancement: we are working together to create synergistic effect. The sum of our energy is greater than the individual energy. Deliberate Enhancement, a world of wonderfully fulfilled possibilities. Join me on the joyous road to ease and flow.








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